Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Easy as ABC....

In an effort to help my little ones learn their ABC's, I thought it would be cute to embroider pillows with a little personalization.  I highlighted the letters in my oldest son's name with red thread and used white thread for the rest of the alphabet. The raised embroidery on the letters are fun to touch and make for a great teaching tool. I plan to put together one of these for my youngest son as well.  This is just another way to show my little ones how special they are.

 Keeping with the "learning" theme, I used this fun letter/number fabric for the back of the pillow.

Here's to adding a little fun to learning!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Good Food and Atmosphere

There is a new eatery in town called "Wheeler's Bagels".  They serve wonderful New York style bagels and sandwiches.  I highly recommend this locally owned establishment.   Here is a link to their website with all the details on their menu and location:  click here.

All images copyrighted by Beth Duncan

A recent addition to the atmosphere of this restaurant is some work from my favorite photographer, Beth Duncan. She specializes in nature photography as well as architectural photography.  A selection of her photographic works on canvas are currently on display at "Wheeler's Bagels".  Each piece is priced for sale and business cards are on hand for orders.

Image copyrighted Beth Duncan

Image Copyrighted Beth Duncan

Image Copyrighted Beth Duncan

Should you be looking for a good spot to grab a bite and relax, stop in to enjoy the good food and atmosphere at "Wheeler's Bagel's".  My favorite is the "Cinnamon Crunch" bagel.


Friday, July 4, 2014

In Bloom (July) Red, White, & Blue

Wishing everyone a wonderful Independence Day Holiday!  Here are a few of the flowers in bloom around the house right now.  In honor of the 4th, I have highlighted some of the red, white, and blue, blooms first.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Bedding

Cleaning a king size comforter is a real chore.  They are too big to fit in a standard size washing machine, which leaves you to either make a trip to the laundry mat for an  industrial size washer (inconvenient) or the dry cleaner (expensive).  I have been on the hunt for a duvet cover that I could use to cover my existing comforter and then easily throw in the washing machine when it gets soiled. This is a real convenience with two small children and a dog in the house.  After shopping and watching for sales, I finally found a reasonably priced duvet cover for the master bedroom that I love. My find was on clearance at "West Elm".  I love the stripes of gray, turquoise, and green in this "Playa Stripe" duvet cover.

 As you have heard, "one thing always leads to another".  Once I had the new duvet in place, I needed new pillow shams.  I found some coordinating turquoise and green fabric 40% off at my local "Bernina In Stitches" store.  It took 2 yards of fabric and 40 minutes to make these shams with an envelope closure. I first sewed together my envelope pillows and then top stitched a 1-1/2" border for a "flange edge".

It always nice to switch things up a bit.  The new colors are nice for summer and I am really thrilled that I can just throw this duvet cover in my washing machine whenever it gets dirty.  Here's to hoping it holds up well (a tall order in this house).


Friday, June 27, 2014

Homemade Medical Kit

My fascination with making toys/toy accessories seems to be never ending.  My go to material is always felt.  I found some medical kits at the "Dollar Tree", for yes just $1. The kit consists of a stethoscope, syringe, clamp, ID bracelet, reflex hammer, and scissors.  All of the little pieces were hard to keep up with, so I went to my sewing room and picked up some sheets of felt.  I folded a sheet in half-lengthwise and sewed all the sides together.  I then folded over one edge and cut out the handle.  I added a red cross to finalize the design.

To add to the fun, I put together some slide-on "casts" out of left over fleece.  I made one cast large (for Mom/Dad) and a small (for brother). My boys are enjoying taking care of each other with their new medical kits.

Nothing is more fun to watch than the active imaginations of children.  Hope your weekend is full of play.

You can check out some of my other homemade toy ideas: here and here.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Room to Grow

Baby Watermelon

This is my third year to plant a garden.  I am still amazed to watch a tiny seed/plant turn into food for my family's table.  This year I filled my raised bed garden to the brim and needed more space.  My husband came up with the solution by building a planter box for our deck. He used mainly scrap wood to build the frame and only spent around $10 on new lumber. I pulled the left over trim paint from our recent siding project and slapped on a coat.  After a coat of paint, soil, and veggies, the planter box garden is ready to grow. 

I have also been trying to grow a dwarf cucumber plant in a pot; so far it is doing well.

This season I have harvested some sugar peas, cucumbers, and a few carrots.  Soon I hope to start gathering tomatoes.

Anyone else growing their own vegetables this year?  Tips on overcoming our drought?


Monday, June 9, 2014

Dump Truck Cake

This past Saturday my baby boy turned 3.  For weeks I have been asking him what he wanted for his birthday cake.  I got a variety of answers including: a book cake, tree cake, and briefly Batman.  Finally my little guy landed on a dump truck cake to look like "Chuck the Truck", which is his favorite cartoon right now. I went to my favorite source, "Pinterest", to look for ideas.  I found several cakes that had used "Oreo" crumbles for dirt and chocolate candy as the freight in a toy dump truck.  This cake was super simple to put together and made my little guy happy. 

What little boy doesn't love trucks and chocolate.